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Codex Laud

Tlazolteotl, "Filth Goddess", a mother-earth goddess.
Tlazolteotl is the goddess of the human fertility and of sexuality. Tlazolteotl is associated with the moon.

As Tlaelcuani, "the Eater of Filth" she is the goddess of the Ritual Cleansing. She is the mother of Centeotl, a maize god. In her incarnation as Teteoinnan, Mother of the Gods, she is protector of the midwives, doctor women and of those who tell fortune.

In the tonalpohualli, Tlazoteotl is the protector of the 14th day, Ocelotl (jaguar), and the 13th trecena, Ollin (movement). She is Lord of the Day for days with number 5 ("mahcuilli" in Nahuatl). She is the seventh Lord of the Night.

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