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Codex Fejérváry Mayer

Chalchiuhtlicue (also Chalchihuitlicue, Chalciuhtlicue), "She of the Jade Skirt", or "She whose Night-robe of Jewel-stars Whirls Above", Lady of the Maintenance. As Acuecucyoticihuati she is the goddess of oceans, rivers and any other running water, but also a goddess of birth and the patron of women in labor.

Chalchiuhtlicue is the wife of Tlaloc, the Rain God, and mother of Tecciztecatl, the Moon god.

Chalchiuhtlicue was the ruler over the previous Fourth Sun. This world was destroyed by a flooding.

In the tonalpohualli, Chalchiuhtlicue is the protector of both the fifth day, Coatl (snake), and the fifth trecena, 1-Acatl (reed). Chalchiuhtlicue is Lord of the Day for days with number 3 ("yei" in Nahuatl). She is the sixth Lord of the Night.

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