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Codex Borgia

Itzpapalotl is the Obsidian or Clawed Butterfly, the Feminine Warrior.

Itzpapalotl is often depicted as a skeletal being with jaguar claws and wings edged by obsidian knifes.
She is one of the Tzitzimime, the powerful and dangerous star daemons. With other female deities like the Cihuateteo, Tlaltecuhtli, Coatlicue, Citlalicue and Cihuacoatl, the Tzitzimime are protectors of midwives and women in labor.

Itzpapalotl rules over Tamoachan, the heaven where the gods created the human race. Tamoachan is the home for the victims of infant mortality. Here grows the Suckling Tree which bears 400,000 nipples. Here the children can comfortably regain strength for re-incarnation.

Itzpapalotl stands for purfication or rejuvenation by sacrifice of that what is precious.

In the tonalpohualli, Itzpapalotl rules over day Cozcacuauhtli (knife) and over trecena 1-Calli (house).

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