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Stone of Axayacatl, recolored detail

Tonatiuh, the Sun or the Sun God. Symbol of the Fifth World, the present era.

According to Aztec Mythology, there have been four historical ages, called Suns - those of earth, wind, fire and water. Each has been destroyed. The present era is that of the Sun of Movement, Ollintonatiuh. It is also known as Nahuiollin or 4-Ollin (Movement). In the famous stone of Axayacatl, as you can see on the left, Tonatiuhs face is embedded in this calendrical sign. The wings of the Ollin symbol show the calendrical signs of the past four eras. Tonatiuhs claws are aspects of the Earth Goddess, Tlaltecuhtli.

In the tonalpohualli, Tonatiuh rules over trecena Miquiztli (death). He is Lord of the Day for days with number 4 ("nahui" in Nahuatl).

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